A Brief History of RWG: Explanations For The Confused
... or “How we ended up in this mess” ;-)

In the beginning there were two watch forums. Okay, well it wasn't really the beginning it was sort of the beginning of the middle, but that's not important now. Anyway. Where was I?

Oh.. Right.

Uhm - yes, there were two watch forums. Replica watch forums, to be precise. They weren't the first rep watch boards on the internet, but they were pretty much all that was around at that particular time. The first of these to be established was called TRC (The Replica Collector). Then, in 2004, an upstart appeared called RWG (Replica Watches Guide). They competed with each other but gradually RWG outgrew TRC.

Some people get confused at this point, so pay attention at the back! RWG was run by a guy called Blade, who was not involved in TRC or any of the other boards that came later. Got it? Good.

Unfortunately, despite the success of RWG, things did not go well. Blade was interested in trying to make some money out of his board and a cunning plan was devised. Not involving Baldrick. An RWG watch would be produced and the collection of much up-front moolah began. Blade then promptly went missing and none but a few ever saw their watches or their money again. Blade's absence also caused a problem for the moderators of the board as without admin access, they could not ban members and they couldn't fix technical problems when they arose. They decided to approach a man known as 'T' who had been involved with both TRC and an earlier board called RWCC, and ask him to help them create a new rep watch forum

Thus a new forum was born. Possibly struggling for inspiration, rather than find a new name they decided to call it RWG again - this time standing for 'Replica Watch Group' rather than Replica Watches Guide (I hope you're still paying attention - people get confused about this bit too!) TRC members and the majority of the remaining staff members of the original RWG joined the new forum and saw it was good. TRC meantime was turned into a searchable archive, which encouraged members to move to the new forum. T is a tidy-minded kinda guy. Right... Uhm. That's it.

The end....

... but, much as some people would like to tell you that it was, it wasn't actually.. err the end. Uhm. No, not even remotely.

You see, whilst a significant proportion of the staff & membership jumped ship for the new board, a hard core of Replica Watches Guide members (that's the ORIGINAL RWG if you've been paying attention) - plus a couple of moderators - stayed put. RWG was home, and that's how they liked it. With no admin access, however, they couldn't turn it into a searchable archive and couldn't even take it offline. So, unlike TRC, it continued as if nothing had happened. Apart from some added anarchy... and boobies... oh, and the spammer lynch squads... and that odd smell...

Despite the lack of an admin, hosting costs were paid and the board continued to remain home to a (now smaller) group of watch fanatics. This meant, of course, that there were TWO boards called RWG (no wonder people get confused!). The original, Replica Watches Guide, stayed at replica-watches-guide.com and the new one, Replica Watch Group, moved to a completely different address and became known to the rest of us as RWGJr or RWG2 (later rwgforum).

Replica Watches Guide (aka RWG1) meantime developed its own peculiar character; largely due to the peculiar characters that remained members, but also due to the lack of moderation. It continued to run side-by-side with its offshoot 'cousin' RWGJr and there was peace in the world... Sadly, however, in 2008 the magic smoke evaporated unexpectedly and the database ground to a halt.

At this point, the lunatics left inhabiting the original RWG realised that they didn't have a home. The other rep forums were (and still are) great, but they didn't quite feel like their old alma mater. The problem was that those left homeless by the untimely technical problems suffered by Replica Watches Guide didn't have access to the old database. Additionally, they couldn't use the replica-watches-guide.com domain name as it was still owned by Blade. On the other hand, they could pick themselves and the look+feel of the place up and move it someplace else.

So that is what we did - the new site was and is a direct re-location of whatever could be rescued from RWG1's dying embers. Whilst the OTHER RWG (RWGJr) was an offshoot; a 'cousin' of both the original and of TRC. The re-located RWG (aka RWG1.1), however, was a direct descendant of the way its parent had been in the last year or two of its existence. Funny smell and farting noises included. The new members and staff felt that they were still RWG, just writing under a pseudonym, and carried on as if nothing had happened.

In February 2010 Blade allowed his domain registration to lapse and the re-located RWG (for that board is THIS board folks) finally managed to acquire - against some pretty stiff opposition from an organisation that will remain nameless
- our original name. We became replica-watches-guide.com again. RWG. We shall remain replica-watches-guide.com. Still can't get rid of that damned smell though...

So whatever you may hear from those paddling up that well known waterway De Nial (the wrong way, yet), the aforegoing is, in a nutshell, what happened and how we ended up in this mess.

So. Who's brought the popcorn?